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Unexpected apps

Recently, 3 new games have appeared on my phone:

  • "Danger Dash"
  • "Castle Of Magic"
  • "Nitro Street Run 2"

If I highlight one of these apps and select "Options", I only get the choices "Move" and "List view" (no "Uninstall") so there does not appear to be any way to remove these apps.

Where did these apps come from and how do I remove them??

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I believe  Nokia follows a similar policy to Apple (don't know about other manufacturers) where it is not possible to uninstall their stock app/game e.g. Note, FM Radio, Calculator, Snake.

 What is disturbing is that those apps where not on the device when I bought it and appeared later on. So Nokia uploads software on my device without notice / acknowledgment.


I when I bought the handphone I immediately began to familiarize myself with the phone and found that under:

Settings/Device Information/Software Update/Settings

the Software update is set to Automatic Update>Daily. I am assuming you did not immediately change the default setting so that is why you got the games without realizing it. If you don't want them, you have to do a factory reset as it meets your requirement but immediately shift to software update to Download via>wifi only

OK so there is no way to remove these games, they are part of the stock build. A bit annoying as I don't like any of them and their icons are garish.  I didn't mind having Snake on there but these other three games are pointless clutter.


Which Software-version do you have? I have and don't have these 3 games fortunately. Maybe it is just in different regions/countries.

 Updated this morning with

The unwanted games are still here :(

Thanks Abbas for the trick.

These three appeared on mine AFTER I created an KaiOS account only. (but before updating 11 to 12).

Could this be the same for you?

I believe that they are preinstalled, but only shown once you have created an account and after waiting (long) for the activation mail, activated it.

Yes, that would make sense. I activated my device and then received an OTA update. After the update, the apps had appeared. I assume these are Nokia-provided apps. I think that Nokia should respect our reasonable desire to remove or hide apps we don't want, unless there is a good reason not to (in which case they should explain why)

I also got those games after I installed Weather app from market. I also can't uninstall them. the saddest stuff it that those apps (games), can send extra paid SMS and read activation code from SMS, that means any app can read and leak your private data. I thought that KaiOS is more secure :(

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