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Home screen settings missing for screen rotation and icon placement


My new 6.1 (Android 8.1.0, June patch, model TA-1043) is missing two settings which can usually be found in the launcher's settings in Android 8 and up.

They are:

- An option to disable home screen rotation

- An option to disable adding icons to the home screen for new apps (to avoid making it look like an iPhone)

I'm wondering whether these settings are hidden, elsewhere or not available at all for some reason. Would I really need to run an alternative launcher to get these settings? That would somehow defeat the purpose of using an almost untainted Android, no?


The option to disable home screen rotation is very much still there. You need to tap on the pencil in the pull down screen and edit which icons you want on the main screen or move the screen rotation option from the page two to page one.
Quote:- "An option to disable adding icons to the home screen" Yes the option is still very much there and that option is NOT and NEVER been part of the Android operating system, and an update has not changed that option.

About the rotation: What you mean is to lock portrait mode for apps. That I know about. But my phone also rotates the home screen. Only occasionally I must admit but it does. Maybe it's "just a glitch"?

About adding icons to the home screen. Yes there is an option for that or at least there should be. Before Android 8 it was a setting in the Play Store app itself. From Android 8 onwards it is supposed to be found in the launcher's settings. And I don't find it there. I'll attach pictures of the launcher settings page and the system info page of the phone so everyone can see on what software I am and that I really don't have the "add icons" settings.



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