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Nokia 3 no updates since March


Have Nokia stopped sending out updates for the Nokia 3? 

My Nokia 3 has not received any updates since March. It's currently at:

Android version: 7.1.1

Security patch level: 5 March 2018

It is an unlocked phone with Vodafone in the UK.

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I've still got a Nokia 3 which isn't used anymore but last time I used it , it was on 8.0.0 and June security. Mines the unlocked TA-1020 It wouldn't find an update until I cleared the cache of Google services framework, took the SIM card out then rebooted and connect to WiFi for an update search, then it found it, I then reinserted the SIM . Again I'm not sure if this is why it worked or it's just Nokia and their half arsed way to doing things . I went back to Apple because they at least allow updates across the range of compatible handsets from day one of update release
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