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Problem APN

I am a happy 2-day owner of a Nokia 8110 4G; I come to the problem, I use a sim of ILIAD and when I go to manually set (I would like to set) the Iliad apn the screen remains white and does not allow me to configure anything and therefore prevents me from surfing with the data network of the above operator; I called ILIAD support and they could not give me any response, so I contacted Nokia support using the chat but also no response here.

Now I ask how I can use the data connection because it is impossible to use the menu to manually set the APN.

I hope I can find a solution to my problem. Thank you.

I am attaching a link (I hope I have no problem inserting link extrasni) where you see the video of the problem (let me know if the video is correctly seen)

video nokia 8110 no apn

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same problem here

Seems to be a problem with your provider. Actually you should get an SMS with the APN details if you activate the phone for the first time. Actually all providers offer the option to resend this SMS on the page of the provider on your PC. Just look at the options there.

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I had confirmation from the same iliad (who has contacted me last) that the problem is theirs with some models of smartphones and phones and that they are working on the thing; it is impossible to manually insert APN as I told you and you can not, at least at the moment, even use the self-configuring SMS on the model of my phone. I await a response from iliad on what to do; thanks to you for the answers.


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there is a bug in file /js/panels/apn_list/panel.js on in the archive  /system/b2g/webapps/ 

on line 322

if there is no default apn for the provider don't show add apn button

i hacked my phone commented this line and now 4g with iliad works

hack your phone or wait nokia update

se vuoi ti spiego in italiano come fare ma perderesti la garanzia e ovviamente non mi assumo responsibilità se la procedura fa danno anche se l'ho testata e a me funziona

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User 1532538878065 Would you care to tell the steps how you manage to hack the phone then got 4G to work? This is most interesting and educational.

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Now I have the same problem too. With the old version (ver 11) the add APN button worked. Now, with the ver 12 of KaiOS I've formatted to factory default the phone (because GPS didn't work anymore) and the add APN button didn't work. As a result now I'm without GPS and without Internet connection. I'm going MAD!

@user1532538878065 could you send me the guide to modify apn files?

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I have the same ridiculous problem with Iliad and the terrible Nokia 8110. If you have the solution or hack could you please post it or send it by email?? Thanks!

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ho, sale problem for me. Before the Last software update it works... But after the august update it doesnt work. Please solve the problem or tell us how we can do a downgrade of firmware. Se qualcuno ha una procedura di hack e modifica del telefono affinché funzioni, per favore me lo segnali. Frega niente della garanzia

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