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Noise cancellation?


Does anyone here know if the second microphone on the Nokia 8110 4G (at the bottom of the phone, so behind the slider when the phone is open) is used for active noise cancellation during calls? It seems an odd location for the secondary mike (most smartphones put it on the top of the phone) but maybe that has to do with the slider design?

That would be great, but maybe it is only to talk with the flap closed? I was wondering, too.

My GUESS would be that the secondary mic is placed so you could (technically) continue a call even after closing the slide.

Think also emergency calls, that you can do from the lock screen without opening the slide completely.

But almost all modern phones got noise cancelling so very likely this got it too.

Googling a bit many pages claims that it got "noise cancellation" - but can not find any OFFICIAL info on it...

Yeah, it's odd: The manual clearly indicates the existence of a secondary microphone but doesn't say what it's for...

It could make a lot of sense used as a recorder too.

We actually CAN operate it with closed slide like this:

0) Almost close the slide

and then in quick succession:

1) Press power

2) Close slide

3) Press power again

Just like two quick presses (within about ½s) on the power button alone, this will NOT terminate a recording. (I just bought the 8110 as a spare, and does not currently have an active sim in it, so do not know how it will react to this trick during outgoing/incoming calls)

Strictly step 0) above is not needed, but then you have to be really quick, as it must be within about ½s...

I now have a strong suspicion that the 2nd mic is being used for noise cancellation, simply because the transmitted voice call quality of the 8110 4G is very good. Yesterday I was talking to someone who was surprised to hear that I was in the supermarket and not at home: Background noise was being very effectively suppressed.

I have to say in general I am very pleased with the call quality of this phone. Now if only Nokia/KaiOS would fix texting... ;)

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