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Suggetions for banana

For your banana phone i have so many suggestions.. i hope you will accept any one of this... 1) Need memory card access (file manager, Gallery) same like before yours old phones.. 2) Landscape video mode in video player, also very difficulty to do youtube videos in landscape mode via your browser... i dont get youtube apps.. 3)phonebook search option in navigation down key... this very difficulty find numbers always need to open phonebook app.. 4)uninstall option for ur demo mode games.. or make it in a folder.. 5)Navigation keys are empty now.. allow to add some shortcuts in navigation butten, like ur old phones.. 6) I think its better if you add hotspot option in shortcuts.. Its just a suggestion... But you have offered google assistant, facebook apps, youtube, maps,, etc... Still i am waiting for this... I hope nokia will do big changes in your next updates... Thanks...

 Rafi pachpan

I would advise you to forward your suggestions to Nokia's Chat wth us. This is because  the Community forum geared by Nokia is peer-to-peer conversation so there is nothing much peers can do eventhough we may agree with them.

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True said... I allready send email .. i hope nokia do at least one of this their new update

Today I have seen some videos about the Jio Phone. It had most of these features we wish for the Nokia 8110, like Navigation Key with different options, fast browser and even video and music streaming apps which are from Jio, and I think only usable with a card from Jio in India.

Now if you consider that the Jio phone is almost a year old, why can't Nokia give us such features? So much time has passed since the presentation of the Nokia 8110, and it seems more like a beta version.

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Nokia still sleeping, when they stoped symbian os.. i think nokia almost dead in keypad phones... They only having brand name. No specification for it.. now nokia fooled all,,
Rafi pachpan It's a thing called 'Evolution'. Everyone must do it adapt in order to survive. Human change clothes to suit the climate, companies must change business strategies to adapt to changing trends in market needs and technological development. You know that!

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Really fedup with it .. it feels lag when i open call tab,

I'm sure you are not the only user of the Nokia 8110 who is fed up. There are so many bugs in this phone, actually Nokia should give us daily updates. The app store, a joke. Since a month there are only 8 Apps in the store (6 of it are silly games, really?). Jio is showing us with their JioPhones that it's possible if there is a will.

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I never expect that nokia made fooled their people with their old brand name.. still i have seen many videos about 8110 4g using google assistant.. but for me a dream... Really i feel ashamed using it, i wasted my money for a normal phone...
In most IT systems there is a teething period and the more user feedback developers receive the better. Secondly KaiOS Technologies clarified to me they only have control for apps under their domain, others are the domain of the respective developers eg Facebook, WhatsApp, PDF reader, Google Keep etc.

 I must say that i have been using Nokia phones since my high school (18 years) and liked every one i had so far. Most important stuff for me is music imagine my dissapointment when i got my new Nokia 8110 4G. When i opened music player i almost cried. Worst music player in the history :(

...since the system is so new, i believe that they will make it right and enjoyable.

I think much depends on what you expect of the device.

I bought it as a simple light weight device if my real phone breaks down. If you put a piece of plastic in front of the battery electrodes, the battery will last for many months on a charge in say your glove compartment.

I was happily surprised to see that it got both FM and GPS...

But if you bought the 8110 4G intended as your primary daily driver, you are almost bound to be disappointed. The whole OS is so new, that a lot of bugs and inconveniences can be expected. With constructive feedback (and a little luck) HMD might iron out the worst of the bugs.

Just see the number of threads in here, not even a 100 yet. A clear hint that this is a very new world, that is not exactly densely populated... it is not exactly the old Nokia with a billion users - well at the least not yet.

But all that said it is really hard to not laugh at the 'store', two apps plus a handful of games - that as actually even less apps than for windows phones... 

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