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Official Repair Service put wrong ROM in my phone

Hello, I bought a Nokia 5 because of the constant android updates sadly it broke and have to take it to the official service repair of my carrier they couldnt repair it and gave me a new phone but with android 7.1.2 which is not upgradeable, I told the repair guy that and he and told me that there was nothing he could do, I complained to my carrier because it's not the same android version I bought and like I said I bought it because of the updates, they pressured the repair guys to put the correct ROM in my phone, but they didn't they put 8.0.0 which is not upgradeable, so i went to my carrier again and they told me I have to deal with the repair guys myself, went to the repair guys and the basically told me to fu*k off, what can I do? I bought the phone because of the updates and now I have a not upgradeable phone because they won't fix it, I don't know if Nokia can pressure my carrier or something or send me a stock ROM and tell me how to install it, I'm not asking for much I just want the phone as I bought it, tried to talk to the nokia chat support but the tech thought that I wasn't connected to WiFi and that's why it.didnt update so, that's why I'm here

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That's a very disappointing story to hear. I assume that the phone is still in warranty? If so you should raise a warranty claim since the software is not correct. Have you tried contacting Nokia support directly using the support app?

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