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Hanging issues in NOKIA 6.1

I trusted Nokia and bought 6.1, I feel deceived. It's hanging while calling someone and while opening  camera , It's frustrating wasted 17k bucks on this.

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"deceived" - no, reason why you get a warranty. First generation software is never ever perfect. Reason planes fall out of the sky, satellites fail etc. and they hopefully fix the software with updates. You will receive updates, hopefully soon. The camera issue in the interim is easily fixed by turing off the geolocating in the camera App.
I see how hard you are trying to protect NOKIA, I wish it would be worth it, they don't even have proper customer care service or pick up service like one plus, and about quality I feel my last phone redmi note 4 way way adhead in everything, because they do they homework well and think of customer, I have updated this phone twice still it works the same way
Hmd is a new company and it'll obviously take time to setup service centres. Even xiaomi will have had very few centres to show for when it started. Its just normal.
It's not just normal, They should do product value analysis, 6.1 doesn't come under budget phone that these hanging problem will be taken lightly, Where the value for money.
I am using Nokia 6.1 64GB.Never hang my device, neither camera stopped, none of problems happened with me.Concern is Battery Drain Fast almost 16 hours-20 hours usage time when data network on.If gps and data on ,camera used sometimes it has12 hours usage time.Good Front Bokeh and rear in daylight.Capture Photos By Touch Fingerprint missing.Missing Live Bokeh On Rear.
Hey i agree with your concern regarding the hanging issue but my previous reply was only a clarification about the availability of service centres since you compared it with xiaomi and 1+. Anyway have you installed any new updates after getting the phone?
I have only 17GB i.e.33%Free Space but Still Not Having lagging or camera issue.I have used RAM Cleaning App i.e. All In One Toolbox Regularly. So Didn't Face Such lagging.I have given permission to only 10 apps to run in background and all other are in black list.So They did not Fast Draining Battery.I mean 3000 mAh atleast stand 20 hours with use of data.
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