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when downgrader to oreo we get april securrty patch

When I downgrade Android p to Oreo it's show security patch for April and unable to use dual volte any manual update for TA-1046 to use dual volte .

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Even i have the same issue. Customer sorry opinion is to go to a service center.
I visited service centre but this issue was not solve they have same version of software.
What are they suggesting then?
They update software of phone but with April security patch they said that we have only ver2.13 which is provided by Nokia.
Okay. Then did you get security update through OTA?
No there is OTA update available till now.when I am going to update manually it's show no update available.
Yeah, it shows your device is uo to date
Yeah, But still with april security patch.
Hope itll be corrected soon. And we may get update

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Am too facing the same issue and they have even removed my post regarding it. Patheticc

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I hope Nokia fixes this as soon as possible.

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Same issue here. Downgraded from 9 beta. N it shows April patch.

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No moderator is replying for the issues. Dont know what happened to them?

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I think even the moderators don't know what's the actual reason behind such issues.
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