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Nokia N9 Classic Phone

I need help, support, links for my N9. I'm using it on T-Mobile in California. I can send texts but I can't recieve them. The reason I use an N9 is because I wanted a phone made in Finland and not made in China. I really wish Nokia would make more phones in Finland. And the meego software is really great, it would be awesome if you made a new N9 just like the old one and improved the software. I think it's better than my iPhone SE. Anyways could you please pass along any helpful information for support of this product? One problem I'm having is I can't log into a Nokia ovi account as the phone requires for many of the services to work. I did however make an account with Nokia and that didn't work on the phone. Any suggestions? Thank you Rosella Streett

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Hi, I thought I already replied to this, or maybe you posted it twice in different sub-fora (naughty naughty ;) )

You need to go to and

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