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Missing Live Bokeh On Rear Camera and Capture Photos By Fingureprint.

I am using Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB Varient.Never hang my device, neither camera stopped, none of problems happened with me. Concern is Battery Drain Fast Even I have given permissions to 10 Apps to work in background almost 16 hours-20 hours usage time when data network on. If gps and data on ,camera used sometimes it has12 hours usage time. Awesome Front Bokeh Images in daylight Even On 8MP. Good Rear Camera Images in daylight. *Missing Features* 1.Capture Photos By Touch Fingerprint missing. 2.Live Bokeh On Rear Camera(Like Nokia X6 or Nokia 6.1 Plus).

Not missing, not a feature in an Android One phone. If you want your phone to do something it is not doing it probably is not programmed to do so. Check in the Google Playstore. You will probably find an app, either free or paid, that will do what you want. Please remember the Nokia 6.1 is an Android One phone, It is basically stock android as supplied by Google. 

Not missing, just not a feature of stock android. If you want this feature on your Nokia suggest you look in the Google Play Store for an app that will do what you want.

What about Live Bokeh On Rear? Is it not needed ir is it not feature of stock Android. Bokeh On Front Is Available On Nokia 6.1 Which Is Very Good In Daylight.Then Why Missing that thing On Rear Camera. I know Google Camera Apk Is Available for Lens Blur but that app not give good results like our own Nokia Camera Can Give. Live Bokeh On Rear Is available On Nokia 6.1 Plus Or Nokia X6.
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