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Time to tidy up the forums?

With more and more devices being released, there are so many forums now. There are also several referring to beta programs that don't currently exist, and all are listed with the five most recent topics beneath them. This layout was fine when there were only four models of phone, but it's become a little ridiculous, and if you're not already familiar with the site, difficult to figure out where to start your topic. That in turn makes it harder for other users to engage with topics that might be of interest to them. Could the dormant beta labs forums be hidden for a start, and maybe the format changed so there's only one column of forums rather than two, with fewer topics previewed on the front page?

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Hi adbenj

thanks for your input and sorry for my delayed answer. I totally agree a clean up would be great. We are planning a huge forum update (quite soonish hopefully) so I don't know if I can push through that we make this changes right now but I will try my best. 

Best regards, 


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