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Doesn't play YouTube 4k videos

Even lemax2 which is 2 yes oldies playing 4k videos in YouTube. But Nokia 7 plus doesn't play, it shows only 1080p as the maximum permissible quality even in pure 4k videos of YouTube. Nokia kindly sort this problem with an update play..

The screen resolution is FHD+(1080 x 2160), not UHD(4k) witch is required to play 4k video on yt . While your LE MAX 2 has a 4k screen.
Then how come nokia7plus records 4k videos?
Then how come nokia7plus records 4k videos? A YouTube video says by using buildpropeditor android app, any rooted mobile can play 4k YouTube videos..y can't Nokia check this out?
In any mobile phone youtube app plays at maximum resolution which is device resolution. For example 2160p will be maximum on YouTube for 4k display, and 720 will be last for HD display. Mobile phone has nothing to do in this. And for recording 4k you need a 4k capable camera sensor not a 4k display. Many action cameras record 4k, do they all have 4k displays? And for second point, why you want to play a 4k video file on a 1080 p display, because that will be downscaled to 1080 p to play on that display. Their will no difference between playing a 4k or FHD file on FHD display.
To mirror cast 4k videos in a 4k TV, mobile has to play 4k videos in possible highest resolution [full HD+]. But Nokia 7 plus plays the 4k youtube videos only in FHD resolution..
I will give you the same answer again. Screen mirror cast shows exactly whats on the phone (source device) screen, It doesn't send what it playing, it sends what its showing. I hope you understand.
Above all now come the hot one. Nokia 7 plus doesn't have Miracast screen mirroring. It supports only Chromecast, urging nokia buyers spend more on Chromecast device... fantastic lunacy
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