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Video Issues

I love making films with my Nokia 8 but recently I got a very inconvenient experience whenever I switch on video mode and shoot some slow mo and time lapse in low light and night time not so dim lights but it goes very dark and Inhave to switch off my camera until it goes well , my phone is already updated and I have pro mode as well ... I respect nokia hopefully they would resolve this issue before I regret about buying the nokia 8.
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Sadly Nokia cannot bend the laws of physics and shooting in slow motion requires good lighting, as a rule of thumb shooting at 120fps requires a shutter speed of 1/240th/s.

In low light the Nokia 8 will routinely drop to 1/14th/s to try to get a reasonably exposed photos, as you can see this is far, far too slow for slow motion so it shoots at what it needs to get what you want but that means the result is going to be extremely under exposed.

The only way around this is for you to add more light unfortunately.

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