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Feedback directly on phone

Received a feedback form popup this morning.

Anybody else got one?

So they can push spam like that but not actual updates.

"Would you recommend Nokia to others"


Wouldn't consider it spam, consider HMD are looking for constructive feedback so they can improve their products and keep customers satisfied. If you owned a business wouldn't you want to know if your customers were happy and satisfied with your products/services.

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I think I must be getting bad at sarcasm!

I know what the purpose of these "spam" messages are but you mention that Nokia are looking to find peoples experiences of their products which is all well and good but they need to be listening too.

The update issues here in the UK and it appears with other countries now is shocking for an Android One phone! I have tried everything working with the "tech support" to try and find a way to update including spending my own money to buy sims and even topping them up. 

I am an ex Nexus user and thought this was going to make me happy again where i could even start making my own Roms again but...anyway...I'm waffling.

The point of my original post was if they can be clever enoigh to get the feedback system working they should be able to sort the update, even it is down to the carriers (which it isnt, hence different sims) or the country you live in(which it isnt hence trying vpn).

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