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USB drivers WIN 10

Is there any working drivers for USB connection for this phone??? Seems like chinese drivers that doesn't work. When I connect phone via usb cable to my pc it shows as CDROM with drivers in it. After installing drivers, nothing happens.

What are the settings on your phone you have selected when you have your phone plugged into US for Windows10? Settings > Connected Devices > USB
I tried battery, MTP, PTP. Usb debugging on Dev settings. Nothing works. MTP IS seen uknown in Windows device manager.
This will be a Windows10 issue. Try your phone on another Windows10 computer and our will find out there is no issue with the phone. In USB mode there are no drivers needed, as they are native to WIndows10.

Needed to download Media Service Pack, I have Win 10 N Enterprise. After connecting phone and selecting MTP, phone recognized as storage.

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