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What NOKIA 9 should be! (Personal Opinion)

Hi! I love NOKIA since I was in the middle school (now I'm 24) and most of the Bulgarians (as me) loves NOKIA too. Everyone here would preffer NOKIA over other brand EVERY SINGLE TIME! (The proof is that a lot of the people here are using their old NOKIA's instead of buying new phones, because they know that nokia are reliable and simple). However! I will change my phone this year (Galaxy S7 Edge), because my contract expires. And I really want my new phone to be the NOKIA 9! Though... I really hope the NOKIA 9 will have hardware like this: Snapdragon 845, 6 or 8 gb of RAM, HybridSIM, 32 or 64bg storage, 3 CAMERAS (tele, wide and monochrome) with nice megapixels (for example 41 for the monochrome, 20 for the tele lens and 12for the wide lens) made by/using Carl Zeiss, XENON flash ( This is MUST have! Even if it will make the phone a little bit thicker), audio jack, NO NOTCH on the display (It would be better if there's stereo speakers in the bezels instead of the notch), STEREO speakers, Quick charging (latest version), IP68, Battery with at least 3500mah. If it meet most of these expectations and the price is under or the same as the price of the Samsung S9+ I'll definitely buy it!

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Great wishlist!
5" (≥80%) or less thin body full HD if possible 4k rec Zeiss 2300 ~ 3000 mha Ip67 Not. Led...
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