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Battery charging gets automatically disconnected even though while plugged in

Hello guys, I have found an issue on my new Nokia 7plus one month new device. When my battery was at 4% I plugged my Nokia 7 plus charger and kept for charging. After about one hour I came to watch how many percentage it got charged but I shocked to see it was only 12%. And the battery icon doesn't shown charging status. Later I plugged out my charger and plugged in and showed it's getting charged and after in 20minutes it again got disconnected from charging even though it was plugged and electricity was on. So I asked support center they suggested me to charge on safe mode and I did and I didn't got any problem. But I doubt is that the software have a bug or my Nokia 7 plus charger is faulty? Do you guys had faced an issue with this. This is my second time and continuously?

Yes even i am facing the same issue it started after the july patch idk seems to be a bug in the software

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Hi Buddy. I don't even expect this from Nokia. Even though they have beta labs for what?. They don't test thier patch before releasing the patch. Though is powered by Android one Nokia should handle this minor problems. When they can't handle such things then what is the difference between these giant smartphones and between Chinese manufacturer. And they have kept idiots in their support center.
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