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Nokia 8 fotos with flash

On Nokia 8 fotos taken in dark environment with flash are way too dark. Pls fix this.

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I am not sure there is anything to fix sadly, a small LED flash can only illuminate a small area which is relativity close to the camera, it simply doesn't have the power to light an entire scene.

Even my Canon Speedlite 580EX II bouncing off the ceiling with a defuser on struggles to flood a room with light.

I think the time between flash and shutter is too high. Seems like the shutter closes too late. Objects within 30cm should be well lightened and not dark in my opinion....

Indeed they should but of course you failed to mention the subject was a mere 30cm away in your first post.

You need to focus manually, there you get the exposure slider, go up (means more exposure), you get a good illuminated photo, but quality goes down, and yes keep your flash on.
Use pro cam while taking low light photos. But there will be some loss in sharpness.
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