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Volte for jio sim

Can someone help me as i am not able to call anyone. My jio sim is only showing lte and volte. Please suggest some good steps to enable volte for jio asap!!!!!

Is it showing LTE Icon of Jio SIM On Screen then Your VOLTE is On.
A call icon is showing with lte text on the top of it.

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Then your VOLTE is On.You can able to make call from Jio Sim.I am also using Nokia 6.1 used Airtel and Jio Both Shows LTE and I have make call from both Sim Without Any Issues.Sometime Airtel LTE goes Automatically due to Poor Network But Jio Works Fine.
Okay thanks, it is fully working now. But why there's only lte icon instead for volte. This is very odd.

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In Stock Android There Is No Icon Of VOLTE but its similar to LTE.Thanks.
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