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Brand new Nokia 7 plus overheating?

Hello everyone, Please help me with an advice, I bought my Nokia 7 plus a week ago and since then I noticed that when light gaming the phone turns pretty hot. You can feel all the back getting hot.. And the battery temp is around 44-45 degrees Celsius. I ve talked with suport and they said different things. From my knowledge 45 degrees Celsius for a battery is pretty hot. So.. Is this safe? Or should I get it replaced? I am happy with the phone except that I would like to know what's the safe battery temp. Thank you

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Normally the battery temp is around 34 - 36degree. I was also facing the same issue when I bought at first. The heating issue occurred when I charging and later the Android software automatically cooled down the phone. Till now I haven't face any heating problem even though I play heavy games and multitask a lot. I think you should update your device. But idk it might solve your issue. But i think the latest security patch is also having some bug. Of which I am facing right now.

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I am on the July patch 8.1. I did even a reset of the device. While charging it gets up to 46 degrees. But normal use 44 degrees. Any help is appreciated
For me,I have never felt any issue with overheating. However,When i play pubg while charging my phone,the temp reaches around 43-44 max but not otherwise.
My new Nokia 7 plus is getting hot While playing heavy games
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