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screen and buttons locked while calling

When I want to call a contact, it often happens that when my green handset is slid, so 'calling', my screen becomes completely black; I can therefore no longer use any button; I hear the ringtone, but if the person does not answer or I get an answering machine, I can not switch off my device, I've tried all possible combinations of keys, for a long time. The only thing that helps so far is to remove the SIM card.

then it is possible to restart the device and everything works properly again. When I call, I get a blue screen with a red handset with which I can lay down again. so far so good, until after some time, for inexplicable reason, the device goes back to its 'wrong' mode, and I get back a black screen and nothing more can do ....

I have not yet placed a screen protector. What could be the problem?

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