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My Nokia 7 might be faulty

Its stuck in the stage of "checking for updates "
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 In that case, the seller who has sold you the device has installed an unofficial Global ROM.

Do note that since Nokia 7 is exclusive to China, it does not have a Global (Android One) software. Your seller has most likely installed an official ROM, making the phone look like global which it is not.

Your only options are:

  1. Return the phone to your seller or contact him for assistance.
  2. Unlock the bootloader and flash the official China ROM (which only has English and Chinese) language. Anything on this topic will be out of the bounds of this forum. So, you can visit XDA Developers if you are looking for more information.
You can also try this:
  • Go to Recovery Mode and do a factory reset. Then, reboot the device and do not connect to a WiFi/ Mobile Data while setting it up. If this manages to work, then your device will still not receive Android updates because the software installed as no upgrade path.

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