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I wish NOKIA learned from the past experience!

Hey all, This thread maybe helps nokia to hear feedback about their comeback. I had purchased Nokia 7 plus from Poorvika retailer in Bangalore. I would like to list the Pros and Cons of this device Pros: 1) Beauty Cons: 1) Headphone doesn't connects always. If it connects, don't know when it'll disconnect automatically. It can be used to listen music but not taking calls. 2) Music - Such a shit experience. You'll feel like you are listening in a basic keypad featured phone 3) Horrible touchscreen. Non responsive 4) No face unlock but you can live with it i guess. Final word : I think i paid 26k for the NOKIA logo which i can do it myself on any other phone Asus Zenphone 5 Z seems promising.
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Yeah. Even I have faced a minor problem till now of it is that when your battery is below 10% and when you plugged in for charging it automatically gets disconnected after some times. The battery icon doesn't even shows a charging status even though it's plugged in. So we need to remove and replug the charger cable. Nokia support people also can't help to they only copy paste the same steps to every problem we say to them. All they have is an answer is that you need to reset your phone. I don't know I paid 27k only to rest the phone evertime
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