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While receiving calls,speaker turns on automatically

Sometimes, when I recieve the call, the sound starts coming from speaker even though it shows that it is turned off. In that case,I have to click on speaker button twice to disable the sound from speaker. Already happened thrice in last 7-8 days.Anyone else facing similar kind of issue?

Same here and the problem doesnt end there even after tapping the speaker option Twice in the call screen mic stops working when switched to earpiece then i have to tap it again and finish my calls on speaker only. Nokia needs to put their priorities straight, instead of releasing new phones they should focus on current phones with countless software issues.

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Yeah I also faced the same issue while playing any high end game in my Nokia 7plus. It's automatically turns on the speaker. Nokia is not even interested in looking for their customer a good service.
I am also getting this problem.

I am also getting this problem.

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