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Battery life

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Hi all, I just did a test to see how long the battery in my 8 would last without recharging. About 40 hours to get down to 15% at which point battery saver mode started. I used my phone normally (for me) during the time, which means web, emails and news feeds, little video or audio, and low screen brightness. I've previously followed the steps to extend battery life listed on nokiapoweruser website, which i found helpful. How long can your phone last? Cheers:)

Mine lasts a day and a half too(low-medium use)

A couple of days with light to moderate use but more often than not i still charge it every night if the battery has got lower than 70%

When i was on holiday recently though where it was very hot (41c at 10am) the heat and camera use meant i was charging twice a day to make sure it lasted until bedtime.

Yeah the camera uses quite a lot of battery
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