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July security patch

Has anyone already received the security patch for July ?, I have the model TA-1068

No I haven't either with a TA-1068.I didn't see this thread before posting this I guess I was to slow in typing it! There must be a blocking issue, I hope they have identified and resolved it. I also asked about Android P, and and why 802.11ac 5 GHz networks are visible but not connectable. If they truly aren't supported they shouldn't be showing.
I am using Nokia 6.1 TA-1089 and I Got July Security Patch On 16 July 2018.Now I am On July Security Patch.
Yes, model TA-1068. I got the July Update a few minutes ago. AT&T México and Telcel

Yep, same here TA-1043 (KPN Netherlands) version 00WW_2_22E_SP01

Same here!  Hopefully August will download in a timely manner when released!

Personally I think those monthly security update are a little overrated. 6 months is better I think. Gives manufactures time to test the firmware with less pressure from angry users....

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That defeats the purpose of Android One. People refer to all the software on the phone as firmware. There is Nokia firmware (literally the phone BIOS, like a computer), and then the OS software, which is usually custom since it's open source and makes updating a lot more difficult. There is also a third thing, the driver packages, but ideally they shouldn't be affected unless there is an API!/framework change. Security updates should be relatively easy to apply, Google have improved this greatly with further improvements likely.

I got that update too today. (TA-1043 with Telekom and Vodafone Germany SIMs) Unfortunately they didn't sneak in some fixes like options for VoLTE/VoWIFI, adding the missing setting in the launcher etc.

July security update received for TA-1045, download size 87.7 MB. Took about 20 minutes from start to finish to update.

I agree that it isn't really necessary to have them every month - every few months would be fine depending on what security issues are oustanding.

But they really need to work on bug fixing.  Personally, I find it annoying that smart unlock (location) doesn't work on this phone.

And many people have their fingers crossed that this July update fixes the camera.  Having such a badly broken camera is really unacceptable.

It's just a security fix. No bug fix, although, there's nothing to fix on my phone except Bluetooth cell service reconnecting when leaving a underground parking.

Anyone else in the US who has not received the July update?  I'm still on June and I wonder if it's across the board or just my lemon of a phone?

I'm in Canada and I haven't received the July update. I have the 6.1 Model TA-1016, Android 8.1.0 with June update. Hope they're not forgetting about us in North America.

I'm on the US 6.1 and have Cricket, at&t mvno. I haven't received any July patch either
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