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Update issue, AndroidP start. WiFi query

Apologies for yet another thread, I wanted to start one without accusations or abuse. It seems people aren't aware the only thing achieved by that is as best, to be ignored. Three simple queries that people are keen to know. Many of us are sick on the June security update, and it seems others are stuck on the May update. There's even a report or two of people stuck on older updates. Has the issue been identified such that we can receive timely updates in the future, maybe August? It has been suggested it's a service provider (mobile network provider) issue with them blocking the updates, but that doesn't make sense since the updates come directly don't they? When does the Android P testing begin for the 6.1, and will it be available to everyone? On the signup page it asks for the IMEI, service provider, and country. This suggests it may not be available in some countries or for people on certain networks. When accessing WiFi networks 5 GHz 802.11ac connections are visible, and you can get to the point of putting in the password but it doesn't connect. I know it doesn't say 802.11ac support in the specifications, but if it truly isn't capable those networks wouldn't be showing. Is it disabled via firmware for the 6.1 due to a hardware limitation? Thankyou 
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I am using Nokia 6.1 TA-1089 and I got July Security Patch On 16 July 2018.
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