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Can not receive any update via OTA

Hi there I have registered DP on Nokia web And clicked update by OTA .after 12h still not Received any update .Try rollback by OTA .12h 24h later .Still not Received any update ? Cloud you help check? Imei:358543082451136

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hey Edwaine how can i install these update manually i am on april patch 2_13B... can u plzz tell

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Edwaine, how are they installed?

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Just got it almost instantly after registering myself for OTA.
Как зарегистрироваться для обновления OTA?
How to install it manually?

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I sideloaded the above files, however i still get an ota for v2.13B April. Any fixes yet ?

Same stuck on april 2018 patch. While security update is showing yellow exclamation mark but no update available.
firmware WW 2.22A SP01 and SP02 for installation via ADB? Or how?
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