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[CHANGE.ORG PETITION] Bootloader Unlock


HMD still hasn't released an official tool to unlock the bootloader of our precious Nokia handsets. This is unacceptable. People at HMD tell us, that that is because of ''security reasons".

HMD shouldn't forget that many great features that are part of AOSP started out on the custom ROM projects that inspired many useful add-ons to the stock experience, both in UI and under-the-hood enhancements.
Therefore, in keeping view the freedom (Libre) of users to customize their devices, I see it being highly essential that people need an official method to gain bootloader unlock.

HMD has started out on giving our beloved brand to us, so why hold back on the customisation that we originally had with their devices? #Don'tHoldBack

On top of that, HMD claims to be using Open Source SW licensed under the GPL and LGPL agreements. GPL requires you to release the modified source code only if you release the modified program. If you’ve modified a program’s source code for personal use, there’s no need to release its source code. However, if you make the modified program available to the public, you will have to make the code public too. They haven't done this. 

That's not the vision that Master Stallman had when he provided to the world GNU & FSF foundations. His aim was to open, not to close. And, of course, that's one of the main reasons for the v3 revision of the GPL license; to fill out all that gaps.

Fun fact: HMD's CTO and CPO sent out some tweets about this query in september of 2017.

Sign the petition if you want to unlock your bootloader of your Nokia device.

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Hi Seppe! I already signed!

I wrote the original Open SW and Stallman references HERE.

I'm glad you used it inside the petition but I think it's missing some additional info to put it into context, as in:


They haven't done this.

Kernel is licensed under GPLv2 and it does not covers tivoization (HW locks) as v3, but it's some kind of a legal gap and, morally speaking, it's no good either.

Moreover, even on v2, it actually violates or restricts the first two freedoms of the user, as stated in The Foundations of the GPL; bootloader locked means we're not able to modify and flash builds; therefore, no freedom "to use the SW for any purpose" nor "to change the SW to suit your needs"; therefore, violation of license. It's not strictly enforced, but it can be inferred from the above.

That's not the vision that Master Stallman...'

Could you update the petition description with something like the above?

Thanks a lot for keeping the push! ;-)

I ain't got FB or Twitter, so I can´t push with them, but I'll be glad if you do it with my comments.

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