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Big size update for nokia 3

My Nokia 3 phone (India TA-1032) is downloading 438mb update with UI and system improvement along with july 2018 security update.

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it's 8.1?
I don't see any new... This is not 8.1 the system information show 8.0.0

Always Android 8.0 see the screeshot


do you have screenshots ?

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It fixed your Volte Issues as so many users reported HMD Nokia about Voice over Long Term Evolution Network not working for there Airtel , Vodafone , Idea & all other networks.
Try *#*#4636#*#* then click phone information & there you can see now VOLTE option is by default not hidden.

we expect 8.1 with next security update for Nokia3.
August 2018 .

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There was problem with update. Storage got corrupted. Did not update my phone. I had to factory reset my phone.

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 yes we have to factory reset before the update is applied. i agree with you too.

Hopefully Manish
I had to factory reset my phone for last 2 updates with ui and stability enhancement. The issue is with sdcard which I have configured as a part of internal storage. During update, when phone restarts the Android system in unable to detect the sdcard. The only option is to factory reset phone and reformat my phone.

Sammy, I have a TA-1020 in the UK and also have my SD Card configured as internal storage but haven't had any issues when updating the June or July patch on Oreo 8.0, e.g. no factory resets. Is the TA-1032 much different to the TA-1020?

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Nokia 3 (TA1020) comes for western countries & (TA1032) comes for eastern countries, theirs isn't any much more difference in both are same
I don't know the difference between TA1020 and TA1032.
Other user in India are also reporting factory reset problem like me.
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