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AI Camera

As other manufacturers have introduced AI in their camera department, and as Nokia 7 Plus have Snapdragon 660, which do have AI capabilities, it'll be great if Nokia can bring update on Camera application to use as an advantage. Really love to see that scene detection system, and better bokeh mode in Nokia 7 Plus without that 2x zoom for rear camera.

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They have not optimized the camera app without AI even, which in itself is quite bad compared to lower priced phones. Carl Zeiss is all Nokia is bragging about yet you can have better picture with the non Zeiss lenses of other phones.

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Yes I don't understand why Nokia is not investing time on adding some more capabilities in Camera such as AI, Portrait Mode in Camera and Adding Audio enhancements both speaker and headphones, Increasing little more volume of speakers with software, AI Speed Charging/enhancing the charging speed, Adding FM Radio, Face Lock etc. Nokia we love you that is why we bought it so please do this for us. I bet you guys that Nokia now will beat the global markets if you do these things. You did a better job in taking Android One program for Nokia phones but please add these as well. Thank you.

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