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Android Downgrade to Oreo 8.1

Hi All

I had participated in Nokia 7 Plus Android P beta developer preview. Due to hanging issue i had requested OTA and downgraded the same to Oreo 8.1 April. But i didnt receive any other update on my phone after that. I had downloaded and updated the security update through ADB but by the time i install may security patch Software downgrade OTA again coming to the update and asking to download and install. Tried 4 times after downgrade but no help. If you are using only April patch its not coming. Please help. Every time the downgrade causing me the loss of user data,

Please help as soon as possible. Any choice to clean the OTA request queue?

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Hi all, 

thanks for letting us know that you have problems receiving the latest updates after rolling back. We forwarded this already and I will let you know as soon as I know anything new on that. 

Thanks and best regards, 


P.S. Moved this topic from Nokia 7 plus to the ADP general discussion (altough I know it is already discussed in the Android Preview discussions) so everyone can see it. Gonna merge similar topics to the main topic as well