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Selfies flash

Hello everyone ... 

Nokia 3.1 has no flash for the front camera. I sent a question to Nokia and they replied that this is something that can be solved in the future and  until then I can download another camera application with this possibility. Does anyone know which would be the best camera application? Sorry for my English...


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For selfie flash I use to use Open Camera by developer Mark Harman, its totally free, lets you use the screen as a kind of selfie flash, it's not amazing but it works

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Thank you very much!

You're welcome, And yes open camera has been on nearly all of my android devices, open camera can be a bit clunky or slow to start but once you've set it up, disabled some of the unimportant settings, like the preview animation stuff ,then it smooths out more. Plus you can set the focus type, white balance, colour/mono/etc and it will stay selected even after you close the app, unlike the built in camera app..HDR is quite slow but the DRO option gives you HDR effect but with quicker capture (not needing to hold camera still for several frames) There is also a face detection option in open camera which needs to be selected if you do more off centre selfies or portraits , just makes snapping easier

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