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Nokia 6.1 got dead all of a sudden

Hi Nokia team,

I had purchased new nokia 6.1 just 2 months back. Yesterday night i gave it for charging and today when i woke up, i found the phone dead. The phone is not starting even continously pressing the power button. It is completely dead now. I am really worried now since it is just 2 months old and this is a disaster from a company that i trusted right from childhood. Please fix this asap. Let me know service centres @ Bangalore location in India who can repair it under warranty coverage.




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Good luck.

If you scroll down down the page, you'll find my thread as my phone is also 2 months old and I have been dealing with this issue.  Wait a day or 3, plug it in and power it up normally.  This has happened to me 4 times now.  It's sad to say it's happened 4 times because it means Nokia has not and cannot fix the problem.  My phone also died last night and I am now waiting for it to decide to take a charge and power up.  Fantastic experience for a new phone owner isn't it?

Yeah this phone is a joke...never again Nokia...
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