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Nokia 7 Plus performance issues and stutter

Hello Nokia,

Just got a brand new Nokia 7 Plus and the performance is awful. Way worse than what's supposed to on a Snapdragon 660. There are frame drops everywhere, specially when switching between apps. Is this a problem Nokia is aware of? There are hundreds of testimonials all over this forum, Reddit, XDA and Youtube on the issue. I'm returning this phone today and will only consider buying it again if these issues are solved.

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Can attest to that. Bought the phone a bit more than 2 weeks ago and having bad stutter and lag with any kind of animations. Even my phone from 2 years back is more fluid, and it has a much older-weaker processor, nevermind many more apps, ect. There's definitely something off with the Nokia 7 plus. I just hope it's software related.. but even then ,considering how long the phone has been out now, not too hopeful for a fix.

Can relate. My old Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, which is a lot weaker device, does not stutter.

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