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Value for money products

Hey Nokia, I'm a huge fan of your brand. I'm like a Nokia fanboy. But the work you have been doing currently, it isn't like Nokia. You always made value for money phones back in the day when I was a kid. But things have gone helter skelter. You are overpricing your phones in India. Your recently launched Nokia 3.1 is priced at ₹10500 and it doesn't even have a Fingerprint Scanner or Face Unlock. I agree it is an Android One phone, but that is not enough to make it a bestseller. Even if you gave a Snapdragon 450/625/Helio P60, a full HD display and 3GB 32GB as base variant it would have been a HotSeller. Even Nokia 6.1 is overpriced. Please Nokia please, I want to see you dominate the phone market like back in 2000s. So please launch better Value for Money phones. If you want to charge premium, charge it but not too much. And also see India as a potential market like China. Launch phones in India and China simultaneously. India too has a huge smartphone market. I seriously want to hear when I ask someone what brand is your phone, I get the reply 'I use Nokia.' Please Nokia do so, or your future isn't much in Indian market. At a time, people thought Nokia an Indian brand because of your lover towards the country, but now you aren't satisfying that image. Please Nokia listen to this advice. If anyone agrees, please support me. Nokia I still believe you have potential. Don't act like Motorola in current times. Please listen to this. A Nokia Fan from India
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