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Charging problem .

I had given my phone on June 22 in the service center for repair. Those who have not given me yet, I have not been responding to the call. So that I have complained in the National Consumer Forum. Whose ID number is 805589. I also took the number of 1800-102-8169, does not receive the call receipt with your Raipur service center. No one is responding correctly, speaking just waiting. How much is the problem of mobile. You can understand. But despite this, it is taking so much time.Let's believe that there was no parts in the service center but in those days parts parts from the parts company are not able to reach your service center. If you do this, then from this corner of India, it will reach the corner in 4 days.Nokia is not like the first one.It took the understanding of your first brand but now I am sorry. I have always been using Nokia. From your Nokia 1600 to the latest model Nokia 6, I used all the phones. But just like now I have got the new service to see. If the phone is not found within 2 days, then you keep the phone I will not go to the service center to take the phone, you can recycle the phone.
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