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GPS Problems

Hi all, after the upgrade to version the GPS of my 8110 cannot locate my position. Anyone else?

Mine is fine. Suggestions:

1. Do a reboot by pulling out the battery and check your GPS. If this fails:

2. I don't know whether it is possible you donwloaded a corrupt version as sometimes the line could be unstable (I have experience this while downloading my desktop computer updates). In that case, I would do a factory reset and try again, of course need to back up important data.

Best of luck

Thank you! By the way I've searched online and I'm not the only one with this problem, this weekend I'l try an hard reset.

Ok, I've done a factory reset, but the OS version didn't change, is stil the ver 12. Now I can't use the internet too, because the "add APN" button doesn't show anymore so I can't say if the GPS work again. I'm a little angry.

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