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[Nokia 6.1] WiFi Keeps disconnecting - July Android patch


I am creating a new thread even though the below thread exists:

The thread is marked closed, however the solution said doesn't apply to July patch.

I did add a follow-on query in to the thread, which never showed up.

Problem Description: WiFi connectivity is very flaky, keeps disconnecting every other minute.

The device is un-usable due to this problem.

Contacted Nokia Support through phone APP, they seem to have no clue of what they are instructing.

They never went beyond: NW reset, Soft reset, Add SSID manually etc. 

I believe there is a bigger problem. I returned one phone already, but see the same issue on the new device as well

Please post a solution. 



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I don't know what it is about Wi-Fi but it seems to have caused issues software wise for years. This includes on Windows, Apple (although they'll never admit it), and various I phones and tablets. Hopefully if it is a software issue it is fixed quickly for you. If it just happens at home try changing the wifi channel. Interference could be triggering something.

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The behavior is consistent across multiple WiFi networks - At home and office.

The Nokia support seems to be clueless. They have made me do multiple soft reboots and one factory reset.

They don't seem to make any impact and the problem persists. 

I really liked Nokia's build, but the inability to use WiFi makes me feel annoyed.

The happiness of the new phone is lost and i am seriously considering returning the phone back.



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I'm having the same problem as you. I bought my 6.1 a little less than a month ago, it's a model TA-1016 on the 8.1.0 June update and the WiFi constantly drops out every minute or two. It's been doing this since the day I bought it and it's the only device in the house that does this. I love this phone, but this problem is making it unusable and infuriating. I was hoping they would have issued a software fix by now, but I may have to just return it and get another brand.

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I bought this phone a few data ago expecting a quality product. After resetting my router. Downloading updates using Mobile data and thinking it must be my own wifi thats not working I find out this is a common problem for this phone and has been for over two months! How do I fix this? Phone is useless without wifi. I am seriously thinking about returning it while I still can.


Hi all, 

Very sorry to hear you’re facing the Wi-Fi issue. The fix in the thread user1532361566528 posted was rolled out for India because back than the issue just happened there. Could you please tell me in which country you are located? 

Best regards,


I am in the Netherlands. phone model TA-1043. I can't seem to find any 5Ghz Networks and the 2,4Ghz networks are giving me 0,3mb/s  max vs 88mb/s on my laptop.

I can't believe this isn't fixed for all concerning phones. There are multiple threads across several forums about this dating back to the first week of June! Two months ago. . 

Also NLD, TA-1043 build 00WW_2_22E_SP01. Linkspeed 5Ghz: 260Bbps, at 2,4Mhz: 86Mbps.
For me, it's working perfect, it will be hard for the developers to find what is the common factor for the problem.

Hi Max,

Same phone, same build. Different results. Weird. 

Security patch 1-jul-2018?

Yep. that's the SP01 part in the build number. June was only 2_22E. That's what I meant, weird, it's not per definition the software. Did you have no problems before the July patch?

Just got it last week, I allready had troubles downloading al the patches through wifi when I first setup the phone. And I have never been able to connect to any 5Ghz network. 

I just did a full reset to factory settings which did not solve anything. Don't no if that restores to previous security patch

Type in the "phone number":  *#*#4636#*#*
You will see Wifi status and Wifi config. Tap on that an you'll see a lot of info. Are there any errors?

Under Enterprise config I find: recent failure: Association Rejection Code: 1

nothing else that stands out as an error

Hi Laura,

I'm in Canada. I have the TA-1016, purchased from Android 8.1.0 with June security patch. Build number 00WW_2_13B_SP02.

Asked at the Nokia helpdesk. We tried two things and the conclusion was it seems to be broken. 

1. We will need to reset the network settings -  To do so - Go to settings > Apps & notifications > see all apps > press on the 3 dots on the top corner > show system > carrier services > storage > clear data and cache 

Then please restart your device - And check 

2. Then Let's try to make a soft reset to the device 

To do it, just hold Power and Volume Up, keep the buttons held until you see Powered by Android 

3. We have got only 2 options left 

Weather you book a repair online

Or you contact your seller

Me:  Do you know if this is a common problem?

NokiaIt is not, to be honest with you 

It is my first time to face this issue

Your phone supports all WLAN bands 

Which means that you have to see all the networks available.

So that's it. I am sending it back to my seller and requesting a new one. let's see if that solves it. 

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