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Screen mirroring problem scandal by Nokia

It doesn't support Miracast, instead it mails me to buy chromecast device to screen mirror this 25k ridiculous mobile...!

That's normal.. android one device doesn't support miracast.. it needs chromecast for casting same as pixel basically blame google for disabling miracast

I paid to Nokia and Nokia has the responsibility to provide proper facility to the customer...if so y don't they supply a Chromecast device free?

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Do you also want Nokia to give you for free a Chromecast wireless speaker to listen your music? Come on be serious...
Not able to connect my Sony home theatre with Nokia 7 as it doesn't support Miracast screen mirroring ,but my galaxy connects instantly...Nokia not even detects the home theatre...for which Chromecast device is needed.... hope u got the point.. are u guys are from Nokia I think LOL

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No I'm not from Nokia just an happy customer of a 7+. I just find it a bit hard to say that it's a "scandal" it doesn't support Miracast. After all it's an Android one device so don't expect lot of extra features as it should be kept as clean as possible to provide fast updates. That's why I bought this device.

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