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Didn't received update for July security patch.still in April

Hi laura/skink, still didn't reveived update for July SP. Still in April.model TA 1046

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Rolled back to orea via ota.please help
Hello Laura /skink ..please help some of us didn't received update.

Same here.. TA-1055 EU version

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@laura 8 days gone. Today only some users received the update..please solve it completely
I did receive the update for july this evening after downgrading two weeks ago.everything is back to normal now
I rolled back today but didn't receive update to July SP.
Same problem happen
Same here rolled back yesterday..but didn't receive update

Hi user1531221430152, Prateek Kumar

Received update now.. After changed my sim from airtel to ide and also unregistered my device from preview   received after 30 mins 

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