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Nokia 6.1 spontaneously shuts down

My Nokia 6.1 spontaneously shuts down. After you restart you only need to enter the pin code, SIM does not need to be unlocked. I have the phone about 6 weeks now, it used to happen every 4-5 days, but now more frequently. Today 3 times. Is there a patch in the making for that? Big Nokia fan, working for Nokia 20 years and so happy to get a Nokia phone again, but doesn't seem to be as flawless as the "old" ones. My camera for example doesn't always start up so I miss the first shot. I just want to be proud of my Nokia again!

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The 6.1 is actually a terrible phone. You probably have a bad battery or main board but good luck getting support to help you. The camera issue is common. Only way to "fix" it is to turn location services off inside the camera app, pretty sure the GPS chip is broken too, causing the camera app to hang along with a lot of the other phone issues.

I'm having the same issue, just a couple of days ago. And its happening frequently now. most especially when Im playing games. and when it restarted, the fingerprint sensor wont work, you will need to restart again.  It bothers me when I was on a phone call and the issue occurred :( I am a fan of Nokia too. Hope they can fix this.

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