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Nokia 3 battery draining fast after Jully 2018 security patch update.

Nokia 3 battery draining fast after Jully 2018 security patch update. Previously for normal use 2-3 days for complete drain but after recent security patch update it drains up fast, less than a day. No other apps is running i have checked all other options.

Kindly provide an fix for the same.

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I never got more than 6 hours 10 minutes on screen usage so not sure how you managed 2 to 3 days, that's pretty amazing.

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 Will there be a patch for this to fix the issue ? or i am going to downgrade if patch not received for this month not sure what else can  be done.

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I have the same problem :( Please fix this pleeeaaasseee

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BATTERY DRAIN! The july update is draining my battery. We need a patch for this. Please HMD.

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 Hi All, I have turned off location and 4G LTE . now it is better will check for few days and see if battery back to normal.

1. settings -> security & location --> privacy --> location --> Mode -> turn off the location or Battery saving.

2. settings -> mobile network -> turn off Enhanced 4G LTE mode.

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Thank you @user1532583639877, now my battery holds just fine as before. I am so happy 

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True they should fix it instead of security updates
Turn-off the Enhanced 4G-LTE mode. I think after this there is no issue with the battery backup it's perfectly fine.
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