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Developer preview 5?

When we are getting developer preview 5 ? Already essential phone is also getting what about you Nokia ?

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Well , i am waiting for it too and ask the support but they they don't it yet too.
I hoping for the best to receive the update a.s.a.p. Thank you..!

Well as usual we need some patience with Nokia.The update is always about 10 days later available. So ladies and gentlemen relax. It will find its way to you.

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Gt new update just now ..
Update comes with new pixel 2 type launcher ..imp point plz take backup of ur ph before updating ..i was on dp4 still it erased everything from my phone. ..
Feels fast and snappy as of now ..gestures are back ..
Its showing v3.110 downloading....but it showed v3.150 available. What's going on??
My nokia 6.1 does not get 2 security updates, still in the June security code is still version 00WW_2_22A_SP01 while I see on the web has been updated SP03. Why did not I receive the update?
We will get the stable version by the end of this month i.e. august as we got the DP5 update on 8th of august ( initially released to pixels on 25th july). So keep calm about it. Nokia will surely get us the update by this month or starting of September
I think its V3.150 the final developer preview before getting Android P stable version.
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