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I'm Not Getting The July 2018 Security Update

Recently the July update was released for Nokia 3 devices. But I did not get that update. Does anyone knows what to do? These are the troubleshooting steps I've tried so far:

1. Clearing the data of Google Services Framework.

2. Checking for updates without SIM Card inserted.

3. Using the VPN method.

4. Soft reset of the phone.

5. Checking for updates in Safe Mode.

I don't know why am I not getting the update. I live in Pakistan and never faced this issue before. Till June, I used to receive the updates as soon as it releases. It'sbeen a quite few days since the July update is released...

Any help should be appreciated! :)

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Yara mujhy bhi Pakistan me ye july wali update nhi mili. Aur ye sab method mene bhi lagay lekin bat nhi bani

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Yeah! Another person on Nokia Mobile Conversations (Facebook Group) also said the same thing... I think the update has not roll out for Pakistani users. But also it's 27th July, only 4 days are left for the start of the new month... :(

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Did you guys get the update, because it's been almost 1 week and still no July update in Pakistan.

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Same here, Ager! I also didn't received the July update on my Nokia 3. What's wrong with Nokia? Or is it with Pakistan?

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In France the same I have not received either what's going on?
Sweden hasn't got it either.

Greece got it and it does not work. so you are the luckyones

Didn't reach Egypt till now I think it's only available in India till this moment
I'm in doubt that whether june update is the last one for nokia 3 or nokia is planning for something else.I meant about android p beta for nokia 3. What you guys think?
I don't think Nokia 3 will see Android p beta until earliest January or February 2019.

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Saya dapat SMS pembaharuan tgl 5 Juli tapi saya baru update sekarang dan langsung memperoleh 8.0.0 saat ini
Hey Pakistani users! July update just arrived on Nokia 3 (at least I got it). Check for updates now!!
It landed in Europe today also.
Not available on Lithuania
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