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I'm Not Getting The July 2018 Security Update

Recently the July update was released for Nokia 3 devices. But I did not get that update. Does anyone knows what to do? These are the troubleshooting steps I've tried so far:

1. Clearing the data of Google Services Framework.

2. Checking for updates without SIM Card inserted.

3. Using the VPN method.

4. Soft reset of the phone.

5. Checking for updates in Safe Mode.

I don't know why am I not getting the update. I live in Pakistan and never faced this issue before. Till June, I used to receive the updates as soon as it releases. It'sbeen a quite few days since the July update is released...

Any help should be appreciated! :)

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Hope you'll get it soon, too! :)
I recive a july security update about 90 mb what is this help

The July update for Nokia 3 should be around 480 MBs as it contains UI enhancements and System Stability Improvements + The July Security Patch.

What is this? I recive update 5 july 2018 and its only about 90 mb. When i recive that 480 mb
How do I suppose to know? I'm not an agent of HMD. I'm just a common person like you!

If I remember correctly, only some countries in Asia received the July security update with UI enhancements and System Stability Improvements, other markets (myself included in Europe) got the regular July security patch. 

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