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Less RAM than advertised?

My Nokia 8 box states that the device has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM.
However, both the DevOptions and AnTuTu Benchmark says that there is only 4 GB RAM.

What gives?

4GB for the 64GB storage model

6GB for the 128GB storage model

Strange then, that I got a box that says the device has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM - whereas the device itself reports 4 GB RAM (less, in fact; 3.9) and 128 GB ROM (well, less actually; approx 109 GB)?

You do get less storage than stated because the amount advertised doesn't include how much Android takes up and i suspect the device is sold as 128GB using a GB at 1024MB where as they all now use a GB at 1000MB so that would also lose you another 3GB off the total.

Mine is a 4/64 one and it is showing 3.63GB of RAM so as yours is showing higher i suspect it does indeed have 6GB but the system is reserving RAM for GPU usage or whatever it thinks it is going to be needed for.

Well, since both Antutu Benchmark and Android Developer Options say that the device has (less, in fact than) 4 GB RAM I want to see evidence that confirms that the device has 6 GB RAM. If you "lose" 500 MB of RAM compared to what you should have, it is very strange I should "lose" over 2 GB compared to what the box states...
I would assume this is an error in production for my device that easily could have been sorted out - if there was a will to do so. Nokia does not seem to have that, unfortunately.

In that case i would suggest you tweet @Nokiamobile because you will never get an answer direct from the horses mouth on this forum.

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