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Worst Experience

I was a big fan your phones.. till the time i bought your NOKIA 7 Plus.... 3 times... yes 3 times and each time a defective piece.... first two times from @amazon another from Croma ...hats off to your service and phone. Amazon provided me first one with defective charger and the second one with defective screen. and then i thought it might be possible because i bought it online.....BUT third one i bought from Croma centre and guess what my brand new nokia suddenly stopped working due to hardware failure.... FOUR days.....I got three Nokia 7 Plus ...All of them my question to you guys is " HOW CAN I TRUST ON NOKIA AS A BRAND WHICH I LOVED AT SOME POINT OF MY LIFE" .....Never hoped this pathetic service and phones from you guys.... Thanks for wasting my time, money and loss of business.

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