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Updating UK TA-1050

It was posted here and it's also on xda. I did not come up with this solution so all credit needs to go to who came up with.

1.You need to take out the sim and do a hard reset (remember to backup!!!!!!)

2. Setup as normal but don't restore.

3. Once started try and stop play store updating apps.

4. Install your peferred VPN (I use ThunderVPN)

5. Connect up to USA via VPN (I used West USA)

6. Check update- should start updating.

7. Reboot and you should be on June

8. Go back to 5 and it should update to July.

9. You should now be on the July update. 

10. Stick you sim back in and I did a hard reset and restored from there.

11. Think "Why can't Nokia come up with this short term fix"

I asked Nokia Care what their next steps will be now and they are still adamant that it't not their issue!!!!

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